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Vaxxlian Alien Mail Order Brides
Book 3

That awkward moment when the hunky alien you just met proposes marriage…

Alien warrior and single father Thade needs a human bride. He travels to Earth, hoping he’ll be matched with a sweet human who will help him raise his four energetic children. When the first human matched to him backs out of their mating contract, he’s forced to seek out a bride on his own. But the moment he meets Alana, the golden-haired beauty who’s supposed to watch his offspring while he goes “out on the dating scene,” he realizes his search need not go any further. She’s the only human for him—even if she doesn’t agree yet. One way or another, he’s taking her back to New Vaxx with him.

Alana is shocked when she shows up at her newest babysitting gig to find out she’s supposed to watch four alien children—three of whom are taller than her. She’s stunned speechless when their hunky father proposes marriage to her within minutes of her walking through the door. Thade seems like a nice alien and a loving father, but she has her whole life planned out on Earth. But as she gets to know him better, she cannot imagine watching him leave her planet with another woman as his bride. Could she really find happiness on a faraway world?

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