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Reestrian Mates
Book 4

Having sworn off all men after enduring an abusive marriage, Angie wants nothing to do with the huge aliens on the Raavika. Too bad it’s the only spaceship that will get her to Reestria in time for her friend Kira’s wedding.

When a Reestrian prince stops by her quarters, she takes one look at the tall muscular alien and faints. Except he’s there when she awakens and claims he senses her fear of men. He vows to protect her from the all-male crew, and though she knows she shouldn’t feel an attraction to him, she finds herself drawn to the powerfully massive alien hunk in every way.

Prince Joseph hasn’t desired a female since his mate died years ago, but just being in Angie’s presence has called up his long dormant mating urge. He can’t stop stroking her brilliant red hair, or staring into her gorgeous green eyes, or thinking about licking the cute freckles on her face. Then as the tension between them swells and his mating fever burns hot, a newly discovered race of aliens opens fire on their ship.

Even if she doesn’t choose to mate with him, Joseph plans to honor his vow to protect the beautiful human woman he yearns to claim…

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