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Savage Martians Books 1 - 3 2D.jpg

Savage Martians

Books 1 - 3

The savage alien warriors need human mates.

Twenty years ago, the Marttiaxoxalians conquered Earth. Though most of the "Martians" reside on terraformed Mars, mankind still lives under the rule of the powerful aliens. Life on Earth hasn't been easy since the war, and desperate human women are sometimes forced to become mail order brides to the Martians, just to save a family member from debtors' prison or to escape a bad situation on Earth. But is it possible to find happiness with one of the muscular horned aliens?

This smoking hot collection of sci-fi romances includes books

1 – 3 in the Savage Martians series.


Royal Alien Mate
Possessive Alien Mate
Ravenous Alien Mate

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