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Reestrian Mates
Book 5

Mia is beamed aboard a Reestrian warship after venturing past a roadblock near Rahatha. She fears she’s in trouble for trespassing, but soon discovers her predicament is much worse. The captain has taken her as a mating gift for his younger brother, Sekor, a Warrior Reestrian who’s experiencing his mating urge and is in desperate need of a female.

Her fascination with the aliens fades under the cold reality of not being given a choice, and though she thinks her intended, Sekor, is rather charming, she still hopes to escape. Warrior Reestrians live by their own rules and are considered savages among their kind. But the thought of being claimed by the massive, hunky alien leaves her breathless with desire, and she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to become a Warrior Reestrian’s mate.

Sekor gladly takes ownership of the little human called Mia, but her rejection confounds him. Why doesn’t she wish to mate with a powerful Reestrian who will protect her, love her, and cherish her? Just when he thinks he’s finally wooed her, she vanishes from the ship. With his mating fever burning hotter by the hour, time is running out. Even if he finds her before The Madness claims him, will he succeed in convincing her she’s destined to become his mate?

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