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A big Orc Guardian just bought me.


I’ve spent my whole life in hiding, exiled from my people, most of whom are dead. I tell myself loneliness is a strength, even though deep down I long for companionship.


The first time I leave my hiding place, I’m captured by hunters and taken to a seaside village, where I’m put on the auction block, my pointed ears on full display before a crowd of stunned humans… and one gigantic (and incredibly handsome) orc who is determined to cast the winning bid.


I think Thorsen the Savage bought me to keep as a plaything, and I’m fully prepared to use my light fae magic against him. But when he removes the iron bands from my wrists, helps heal me, and promises to take me far from the enemies who would hunt me down, I decide to make a deal with him.


I’ll become his wife if he hides me away in the Orc Realm.

Orc Guardian Brides
Book 2

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