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I’m betrothed to an Orc Guardian.


He’s coming for me soon and I will have no choice—I’ll have to leave the realm of humans and marry the huge, fearsome beast known as Gregor the Slayer.


Orc Guardians are said to be cruel and unfeeling. I struggle to accept my lot in life, and I won’t lie—I’m tempted to run and hide. But deep down, I know I wouldn’t get far, and the last thing I wish to do is bring down an orc’s vengeance upon my village… or upon myself.


I soon learn that while Gregor has a fierce, vengeful side, when it comes to me, he can be gentle and… sweet. He’s also intensely protective and possessive of me.


But we come from different realms, and his world is so very different from my own.


Will I survive marriage to a big, growly orc?

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