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The huge alien warrior wants to keep her forever.

Pregnant and alone, Sienna feels she has no choice but to sign up for Vaxxlian Mail Order Brides. She'll have to marry a complete stranger, but she's desperate to provide a real future for her unborn child. When she meets Myadd, she experiences the first glimmer of hope in ages. The huge muscular alien is sexy as hell and sets her pulse racing whenever he comes near. He promises he'll always protect her, but how will he react when he learns she's carrying another man's baby?

Myadd is a skilled warrior in need of a human female. Once the mail order bride service finds him a match, he immediately travels to Earth to meet Sienna, and Star God, she's perfect--kind and sweet and beautiful. Everything he ever hoped for in a mate. Though she's initially shy and nervous around him, she soon blossoms under his careful attentions, and a boundless passion ignites between them. But there's a chance they'll never make it off Earth. Sienna's been keeping secrets, and powerful forces don't want her to leave.

Vaxxlian Alien Mail Order Brides
Book 6
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