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Vaxxlian Alien Mail Order Brides
Book 5

He’s the enemy—and she’s agreed to become his mate.

Stranded on war-torn Earth with her young daughter, Belle is devastated to learn she has a terminal illness. Who will take care of her daughter after she’s gone? When she discovers Vaxxlians possess the technology to save her, she doesn’t hesitate to sign up for Vaxxlian Mail Order Brides—even if she does view the powerful aliens as the enemy. She only wishes her matched mate, a muscle-bound warrior named Khann, wasn’t so kind and handsome. She doesn’t want to lose her heart to the enemy, but it’s difficult to think coherently when his passionate kisses leave her breathless with desire.

Khann longs for a mate and a family. When he meets the beautiful human female named Belle and her talkative daughter, Amie, he feels a warmth he hasn’t experienced in ages. Surely, they must be the answer to his prayers. He’s eager to mate with Belle and bring his new family back to New Vaxx, but Belle hesitates to leave Earth right away and insists they postpone their mating until they are better acquainted. Khann sets about romancing the human female as best he can. But not long after their first mating, he learns a terrible secret about her past loyalties, one which jeopardizes their future as a family.

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