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A big hairy man-beast just kidnapped me.
After a nasty breakup, all I want is a quiet vacation in the mountains. Just me and a pile of books, a few bottles of wine, and the occasional nature walk. Too bad my Airbnb host failed to disclose there's a tribe of Sasquatches living nearby. Honestly, what the heck?
Now I'm the captive of a giant Sasquatch chief named Brutus. He scares me at first, but I soon learn he's quite gentle and... cuddly. He also believes I'm his perfect mate and promises he'll always take care of me. It's not long before I'm thirsting after his huge muscular bigfoot-bod and second guessing my plans to escape.
But if I surrender to temptation, there's no leaving the mountain.
Sasquatches mate for life.

Cascade Beasts
Book 1
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