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Reestrian Mates
Book 3

When Dr. Leann Walters is offered a deal to write a book about Reestrian culture, she jumps at the chance to travel to the alien planet and spend a whole month immersed in their society. Of course, finishing her research will be difficult with Taj and Dom trailing her every move and tempting her resolve to remain single. The huge, muscular Reestrian twins have been assigned as her personal guides and protectors during her stay in Galattak Clan. And protect her they do. When she finds herself accosted by a large Reestrian male, they fight for the right to claim her as theirs and whisk her to the safety of their mountainside home.

Though the heat of the battle causes Taj and Dom to finally experience their mating urge, they promise not to touch Leann unless she’s willing. Their first priority is to keep her hidden from other males intent on stealing her away. She’s now considered a “prize mate” and it’s only a matter of time before others arrive to challenge Taj and Dom…. unless they mate with her first. She’s intelligent and confident, quite tall for a human female and deliciously curvy, and both brothers ache to join with her in a lasting mating bond. They were drawn to her even before their mating fever burned hot and believe she’s their perfect match. Problem is, their stubborn human ward still needs a little convincing…

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