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Reestrian Mates
Book 4

Gina travels to Rahatha, the first Human-Reestrian settlement on Earth, hoping to land a new job and get a fresh start. The problem? The ad for an office job she answers specifically advertises for a hardworking male, and it takes a lot of convincing to get the huge, dangerously sexy, Mr. Jax, to hire her, on account of her having breasts. The other problem? Jax is the only unmated Reestrian in Rahatha, and he begins experiencing his mating urge during her first day on the job.

Jax starts up his hovercraft business in Rahatha, knowing his mating urge will strike him at any hour, and knowing he’ll probably have to venture outside of the enclosed city to find a willing mate. But then in walks Gina, with her delicious curves and soulful, dark brown eyes. She ignites his passion and makes his blood burn hotter than the sun of his home planet. Even before the urge to mate comes upon him, he decides he wants her and no other woman. He sets out to court her human-style, but somehow can’t get that right. She keeps turning him down, even though she’s always squirming and flushing in his presence. If only human females weren’t so complicated…

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