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Vaxxlian Matchmakers
Book 1

He aches to claim her.

When Molly is rescued by a sexy Vaxxlian named Gavvin, she expects the muscle-bound warrior to carry her off and claim her as his bride—whether she's willing or not. Instead, he heals her wounds and promises not to hurt her, and his gentle but protective demeanor wins her over. But when he eventually turns cold and pushes her away, she's left confused and heartbroken. Determined to make a life for herself on planet New Vaxx, she visits Vaxxlian Matchmakers—only to receive shocking news about the identity of her soul mate.

Gavvin is an outcast among his people, and he has no plans to take a bride. But his self-control is tested when he comes across Molly, a human woman in distress. She's the sweetest, most beautiful female he's ever met, and her enticing scent calls up long-buried primal needs. Pushing her away is the hardest thing he's ever done, but it's for the best. How could any female find happiness mated to an outcast like him? But when Molly's life is threatened, he'll risk everything to save the sweet human who's stolen his heart.

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