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Vaxxlian Matchmakers
Book 2

He promises to keep her safe.

After barely escaping Earth with her life, Macy seeks refuge on planet New Vaxx, along with her sister Skylar—even though it means they'll both be expected to mate with Vaxxlian Warriors. Haunted by the past, she fears she'll never feel ready to take a mate. But when she realizes she's holding Skylar back from her own happiness, she decides to visit Vaxxlian Matchmakers in secret, where she's matched to a huge warrior named Dakk. At first, she's terrified of the scarred warrior, but his warmth eventually starts to win her over. Could she truly find happiness with the big, muscular stranger?

Dakk is shocked when he gets a call from Vaxxlian Matchmakers. He never expected to be matched with one of the single human females living on planet New Vaxx—surely no woman could tolerate his scarred face or his unusual eye color, the latter of which marks him as cursed by the Star God. Nevertheless, he shows up to collect his bride, a small female called Macy with soft golden hair he can't seem to stop stroking. But she trembles at his touch, and he senses her deep fear, making him worry Vaxxlian Matchmakers made a mistake. What if Macy never accepts him fully as her husband? Even worse, will an old enemy endanger their mating union?

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