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Mail Order Human
Book 3

Ally can’t believe her late father really arranged for her marriage to an alien through Mail Order Human. She attempts to remain on Earth, but ends up aboard the Starship Matchmaker anyway, bound for a planet called New Protemeda. Her promised mate, a tall and sinfully handsome alien named Naad, greets her at the landing site with a smile…only to go all caveman on her and toss her over his shoulder moments later. But her barbarian soon proves to be gentle, and she finds herself yearning for his touch and thinking perhaps life on this strange world might not be so bad. That is until he betrays her.

Naad doesn’t understand why Ally would run off after their week of nonstop, passionate mating. Intent on tracking down his reluctant bride, he tears down the mountain, desperate to find her before she meets with trouble. But even if he finds her in time, will she accept him into her heart?

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Mail Order Human: The Complete Series

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