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Mail Order Human
Book 2

A princess on the run...

A hunky alien in need of a wife...

Fearing for her life, Elizabeth signs up for Mail Order Human and hopes for the best. It frightens her that marriage to a stranger—an alien!—on a faraway planet is her only option for survival, but she can’t stay hidden in the English countryside forever. She arrives on the planet Sepkar, beyond nervous about meeting her new mate. He’s a fierce looking alien, after all, and a huge one at that.

Zarr is drawn to Elizabeth at first glance and hopes they can build a happy life together. But it isn’t long before their cultural differences cause a rift between them. It’s never a good sign when your new bride screams the moment you take off your pants on your wedding night. There’s also the problem of marking her as his and hoping she doesn’t hate him for it. Wooing his human bride just might be the most difficult thing he’s ever done, even more so once it becomes apparent someone on Sepkar is trying to harm her. Can he keep her safe and earn her trust at the same time?

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Mail Order Human: The Complete Series

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