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Mail Order Human
Book 4

All Hailey ever wanted was a place to belong. After growing up in an orphanage and learning firsthand how hopeless survival on Earth has become, she signs up for Mail Order Human. An alien husband on a faraway planet is her best bet at finding the happily ever after she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl. But her heart is broken when her new husband gives her a cold reception and confines her to his property. She tries to uncover the demons haunting the huge Marrlxian so she can better understand his coldness, but he keeps his heart closely guarded and only tightens his leash on her. Will he ever bare his tattered soul to her? Or will he cast her aside after she gives him the heir he so desperately needs?

After his first mate ran away with her lover, Cav doesn’t trust females of any race. But he needs an heir, so he arranges to receive a young human woman from Mail Order Human. He’s heard humans are more easily controlled than the females of his own kind, and he thinks if his new mate fears him, she won’t dare make a fool of him like his first mate did. But Hailey isn’t easily cowed into submission, and he soon learns human females can prove as stubborn and proud as a seasoned Marrlxian warrior. Can he learn to stop living in the past before he drives Hailey away completely?

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Mail Order Human: The Complete Series

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