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Vaxxlian Mates, Book 5

He'll protect her, claim her, and hunt her enemies down.

The time has come for Zann, the most skilled operative the Vaxxlian military has ever known, to settle down and claim a human female as his own. But in the aftermath of the long, bloody war against the Irrcons, is he capable of showing his mate proper affection and tenderness? For too long he's been shrouded in darkness, violent urges, and vengeful thoughts. He's spent years hunting Vaxxlian enemies down, savoring the sound of their cries, and dispatching them without mercy.

One look at the human called Sasha, however, and Zann's heart warms for the first time in ages. She's the most beautiful creature he's ever seen, and her gentle but resilient spirit captivates him. Perhaps he isn't as cold and dark-hearted as he once believed. When convincing her to mate with him proves a challenge, he offers her a deal she can't refuse. He might be buying her surrender, but he cannot imagine ever letting the precious female go.

Disgraced former Ambassador Sasha Embers only wants one thing--to clear her name and to mend relations between planets Tarrkollia and Earth after she's caught up in an intergalactic incident involving a sleazy prince. But proving her innocence will be difficult when there's a bounty on her head and her own people have turned against her.

When a huge Vaxxlian warrior offers to protect her and help clear her name, she hastily accepts his help--even though doing so means she must become his mate. She doesn't plan on falling in love, but the darkly mysterious warrior's kisses make her melt and his masterful touch ignites a firestorm of passion within her. Can a mating match that started out as a business deal lead to true love?

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