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Vaxxlian Mates, Book 2

The alien warrior found her first--and he's keeping her.

On the run from her controlling fiancé, Mila makes a living as a transport pilot in a dangerous part of space. When she's accused of murder and sentenced to death on a backward planet, she believes it's truly the end. That is...until she awakens to a handsome alien with glowing green eyes watching over her. The alien heals her wounds and promises to keep her safe. But can she trust the stranger who insists she's coming back to his home planet as his mate?

Stax knows the little human has secrets, but he still wants her--even if she is guilty of some horrible crime. He's taking her back to New Vaxx and that's final. But first he has to claim her. When they arrive on his home planet, he wants his scent on her to ward off all other males, as human females are precious and the only alien race compatible with his. No matter what, he won't risk losing the little human he's grown to love. He'll protect her, and he'll fight for her. Always.

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